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  1. Stephanie Herring says:

    I have been in the healthcare field for sixteen years and I would like to become a scopist. I am thinking about going to the Baton Rogue Court Reporting School for my training. You have been a scopist for many years and have a very successful business. Do you have any advice for someone just entering this field? Thank you for the helpful links.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Stephanie,
      I see you’re planning on going to a court reporting school. Do they have a separate course for scoping? If not, there are a few scoping schools online. Best Scoping Techniques is one I hear good things about, but I have no personal experience with it. I was lucky enough to be partly trained by a court reporter, but I’m mostly self-trained.

      There are a number of Facebook pages dedicated to scoping, proofreading and reporting as well as different versions of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software and grammar and punctuation issues. There’s a lot of good info on those. There are also scoping and proofreading job boards on Facebook when you’re ready to find new clients. It’s better to build a good continual relationship with two or three reporters than to take on a variety of reporters you may only work with once or twice. Keep in mind that every reporter has different preferences as far as things like writing numbers, dates, times, formatting, parentheticals like marking exhibits or taking breaks, etc. It’s helpful to create a preference list for new reporters to fill out before you work with them. Once you finish your course, you will know what to include in your preference list.

      The most popular CAT software seems to be either Total Eclipse, which is what I use, or Case Catalyst.
      There’s been some debate as to whether a scopist needs to know steno or not. I personally don’t know steno, but in the past 15 years there’s only been a handful of times I felt it would be helpful. But if you have that option available to you, I would say take it. Some materials that would be very helpful is Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, which I feel is the best. Margie Wakeman-Wells has a website and blog as well as a Facebook page, and has textbooks and workbooks that are great and a lot of reporters follow her style over Morson’s.

      So after doing a little research on courses and CAT software, once you get started I advise you to try some of the Facebook job boards to find clients. I would be careful of any potential clients that want you to take a large job in the beginning especially if it’s an expedited job and they seem in a panic. My experience has been that these reporters are often not very good and you will spend two or three times as long on these transcripts. It’s not worth the headache or the money. Also, many times with some of these reporters they don’t pay on time. Speaking of payment, most of my clients pay me through Paypal. You might want to look into setting up your own Paypal account.

      That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help. You can contact me at: Best of luck to you.

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