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I first got into the scoping business about 10 years ago.  I was working as a surgical technician for about 12 years and was approached by a fellow nurse with a job proposition.  It seemed she had a neighbor who was a court reporter, and was looking for someone with some medical terminology experience to do some proofreading for her.  It sounded interesting, and God knows I could always use a few extra dollars in my pocket.

I  called the court reporter and we began a very long and mutually satisfying business relationship.  We also became great friends.  She taught me all the ins and outs of reporting, formatting transcripts, proper grammar and punctuation, and how to proofread by using a printed out version of the transcript and proofing it with the audio.

After proofreading for about a year, I decided that scoping looked a lot more interesting.  So my friend the court reporter gave me a brief course of what scoping entailed.  After that I was sold, this was what I wanted to do.  I purchased Total Eclipse software and my friend introduced me to someone she knew who had been doing nothing but scoping for the previous 20 years.  This woman sat with me many days and was my e-mail and telephone lifeline in the beginning.  She was such a big help and taught me so any things, I could never thank her enough.

Now, here I am 10 years later having been a scopist all these years and have built a business not only around my own scoping, but also able to hire and outsource jobs to other scopists.  This has been a truly rewarding experience.

Does anyone else have any interesting history?  Why did you get into court reporting?  Why become a scopist?  I’ve heard a lot of funny things on some of these audio tapes.  Anyone want to share some of their funny stories?

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