Premium Scoping Service is your first choice for all your scoping and proofreading needs.

I am well-trained and experienced in scoping and proofreading all manner of stenographically reported transcripts.  I pride myself on my quick, accurate service and competitive rates.  All your transcripts will be done according to your individual preferences.  All scoping is done with full audio.

Here is what some of my satisfied scoping and proofreading customers have to say:

“Laurie from Premium Scoping Service started scoping for me in 2004 and continues to up through today.  She is an excellent scopist and proofreader.  She also loves technology and is always exploring new technology and eager to apply it to our court reporting profession. Laurie has been there in those emergency moments for me.  She is someone that I can count on to make my job easier.” – Terri Miller

  * * * *

“Thank you for all the hard work you do for me.  You are always punctual and your final production of my work is always accurate and professionally finished.  You are a joy to work with and very flexible with expedites and getting work completed on time.”                        – Michelle Stickney

* * * *

“Laura at Premium Scoping Service has been scoping for me for over eight years.  She is reliable and accurate.  Her nursing background gives her quite an advantage over others in the medical technology arena.  I would highly recommend her.                                       Service category:  scopist/proofreader.  Year first hired:  2010.  Top qualities:  great results, on time, high integrity.” – Shawna Stimson

* * * *

     I know how hard court reporters work.  Wouldn’t you love to get some of your free time back to spend more time with your family, your hobbies, your friends or just to get a well-deserved break.  Let me take care of your scoping and proofreading needs so you can relax knowing that your jobs are in the best hands and you will be able to turn in an accurate, professional copy on time.